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Super kit. Very professional. The solution to 90% of your jobs.


Super Kit by Madelin SA is a set of 3 best locksmith tools.

The 3 must-have tools are : 
• Locksmithing extractor and its accessories
• Picking gun and its accessories
• Cylinder breaker and its accessories

These best locksmith tools are delivred in a smart carryiing case.


Locksmithing extractor Réf. 5001V (25-YEAR GUARANTEE – except the rubber pad)
Screwdriver adaptor Réf. 5021
Back plate Réf. 5002
6-point tool holder Réf. 5023.1
30 standard Ø 4,2 mm pulling screws Réf. 5003
30 extra Ø 4,8 mm pulling screws Réf. 5004
30 super Ø 5,3 mm pulling screws Réf. 5005
Metallic tension wrench Réf. 5006
75 mL cutting fluid bottle Réf. 5007.2
Ratchet handle Réf. 5008
Torx screwdriver Réf. 5009

Cylinder-breaker Réf. 5050 (25-YEAR GUARANTEE)
Cylinder-breaker adaptor Réf. 5051
Narrower cylinder-breaker tip Réf. 5053
Wider cylinder-breaker tip Réf. 5054
6,5 x 100 screwdriver Réf. 5010
Extended Torx tip Réf. 5023.2
Needle-nose pliers Réf. 5011
Hollow 6-point socket Réf. 5051.01

Lithium picking gun Réf. 5152.01
Lithium charger Réf. 5152.07
6-point screw wrench Réf. 5150.19
Flipper Réf. 5160
Dynamometric tension tool Réf. 5165
30 0.6 mm picking gun needles Réf. 5157.1
Rigid tension tail-piece Réf. 5290
Medium tension tail-piece Réf. 5287
Handle tail-piece Réf. 5295
Handle tail-piece Réf. 5296
50 mL lock lubricant Réf. 5047.2
Pack of 6 latch-bolt shims Réf. 5070
Broken key extractors set Réf. 5350
Advanced pick set Réf. 5205

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