Register to one of our locksmith courses

Follow the suitable process according to your profile and the training you would like to take on.
In order to be fully prepared for your training it is better to take a look at the different terms and conditions beforehand.

You are a CEO

Enroll one of your employee

You are a technique services agent of an administration

Process to follow if you are a CEO

Fill in the enrollment form and sent it to MADELIN S.A with a booking cheque (it will only be cashed in when the training is delivered) and a copy of your Trade registry or Job registry if you are not registered in our customers database.

Terms and conditions


Some courses are booked three months in advance. Therefore, before choosing the dates, make sure that there are still some spot left.


After reception of your enrollment, we will directly send you 2 copies of the training agreement, the access plan and the information for your accomodation (name and hotels telephone numbers).


The courses are from 9h to 12h30 and from 14h to 17h30. The timetable for the last day can changed according to the trainees’ train or plane booking.

Professional training

MADELIN S.A is a training organisation registered to the status of professional training and is authorized to sign any training agreement.

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