Cylinder-breaker kit

Product reference :5050S


Cylinder-breaker kit. This kit contains all the necessary tools to break cylinders that stick out.


Cylinder breaker locksmith tool  :

Cylinder-breaker kit by Madelin-SA is an essential tool for professional.

You can easily and quickly (less than 1 minute) break locks in 2 parts with a 4-5 mm extension or break locks with a reinforced spacer and a 5-7 mm extension.

Actually, it doesn’t damage the locks and the door fittings.

1 cylinder breaker with a standard tip Réf. 5050 (25-YEAR GUARANTEE)
1 narrower tip Réf. 5053
1 larger tip Réf. 5054
1 door fittings protection kit Réf. 5040
1 tension wrench Réf. 5006

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Weight 2,7 kg


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