NiMH electric picking gun

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NiMH electric picking gun


En electric pick gun for fine opening, a must-have tool for locksmith !
Please find below all the information you need on this smart kit:

• MADELIN SA electric pick gun is a tool for fine opening
• Picking European cylinders, round locks with flat keys
• Picking cylinders equipped with anti-picking pins such as serrated and mushroom pins
• Automatic switch off of the charger to avoid damaging the batteries
• Quick opening time
• Rechargeable 3.6V batteries
• Fast charger 1 h 45
• Signal light on the charger

NiMH electric pick gun only Réf. 5150.01
10 steel blades 0.6 mm Réf. 5157.1
Fast charger 220V/3.6V Réf. 5150.21
6-point screw Réf. 5150.19
Handle tail-piece Réf. 5295
Handle tail-piece Réf. 5296
Medium tension tail-piece Réf. 5288
Rigid tension tail-piece Réf. 5290
Lubricant for locks 50 ml Réf. 5047.2
Carrying case

You must need NiMH electric picking gun car charger

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