QX3 combination dialer

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QX3 combination dialer

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How to open a safe ? It’s easy with the QX3 combination dialer by Madelin SA

• High-speed combination dialer for opening Group 2 mechanical combination locks
• Precision step motor with an optical encoder to maintain accuracy even at
exceptionally high speeds
• Controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth by an easy to use Android app on the included tablet
• Password protected interface, very easy to use and to configurate
• Possibility to select dialing ranges, step increments, dialing speeds and other
• 3 speeds available, information on the remaining time, the time needed to dial
• The Wifi connected tablet can send a notification email once the correct
combination has been found
• Quick and easy to install (less than one minute on the lock)
• Opening time : maximum 17 hours, on average 8 hours for 3-disk locks
• Magnetic base engine
• Tightening of the button by 4 rubber pads
• Diameters of the button : from 32 mm to 79 mm
• Height of the button : from 26 mm to 44 mm
• Maximum height of the button : 95 mm


You can see here the ITL 2000A combination dialer.

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