Combi+ combination dialer

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Combi+ combination dialer

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  • High-speed combination dialer for opening Group 2 mechanical combination locks
  • Precision step motor with an optical encoder to maintain accuracy even at exceptionally high speeds
  • Controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth by an easy to use Android app on the included tablet
  • The tablet must remain within 6 to 9 meters of the Combi+ to maintain the connection
  • Possibility to select numbering ranges, forbidden zone, contact points, increments
  • Variable motor speed
  • Information on operating time, time to exhaust the range of combinations and number of remaining combinations and other parameters
  • Quick and easy to install (less than one minute on the lock)
  • Average opening time: less than 90 min for 3-disk locks
  • Magnetic base engine
  • Tightening of the button by 4 rubber pads
  • Diameter of the button: from 32 mm to 79 mm
  • Height of the button: from 26 mm to 44 mm
  • Maximum height of the button: 98 mm


Combi +
Android tablet (with app pre-installed)
Universal chuck
Hex key
110/220 V power supply
Flexible coupler
Magnetic charging base
Charging cable

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Weight 6,8 kg


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