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Overhang mortice machine

Product reference :5900D


Overhang mortice machine


MADELIN-SA Overhang mortice machine is a perfect locksmith tool to produce accurate mortises in minutes

• Sliding carriage to cut mortices (face plate and case) on rebated doors
• Also makes mechanical or electrical door hinge or strike notches
• For wood or aluminium doors or posts that are up to 95 mm thick
• The vertical guides and the top and bottom stops ensure that there will be no running off of the selected area
• The cutter is run with a plug-in drill having a 13 mm mandrel, capacity : 750 to 850 W (recommended speed 2,000 to 3,000 rpms)
• Many options available

Maximum depth : 170 mm (180 mm without the abutment)
Track spread : maximum 95 mm

Overhang mortice machine
Overhang carriage
Long-axis cutter holder
Wood cutters with carbide inserts Ø 16,2 mm
Wood cutters with carbide inserts Ø 19 mm
Wood cutters with carbide inserts Ø 20 mm
Carrying case

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Weight 5.66 kg


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