2-in-1 pick for Mauer President 70021

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2-in-1 pick for Mauer President 70021

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A locksmith tool pick !

These 2-in-1 picks are used to open double-bitted locks on safes and safety cabinets,
• Works on double-bitted locks with or without fake notches
• Sturdy; made of stainless steel
• Positions of the levers are noted by marking and by ball-bearing blockage
• Extension of input torque for improved conditions
• Rotation of the pick by large-size knob for better ease and handling
• Easy to use
• Opening time: 15 min if the technique is mastered
• There is a 2-in-1 pick for each lock
• Very simple to use. However, good knowledge of the lock and of lock-picking, as well as good dexterity, are necessary to obtain short opening times


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