Lithium picking gun super kit

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Lithium picking gun super kit
This kit contains the picking gun along with all its accessories.
Buying a kit is cheaper than retail.


Lithium picking gun super kit is an economic kit of pick gun for fine opening, a must-have tool for locksmith !
Please find below all the information you need on this super kit:

Picking gun :
• Picking European cylinders, round locks with flat keys
• Picking cylinders equipped with anti-picking pins such as mushroom and serrated pins
• Lithium technology offers an extra 20% battery life autonomy compared to other batteries

Plug spinner gun :
• Allows you to turn the plug a second time without having to pick the lock again and to return to the opening direction if the cylinder was picked in the closing direction
• Power adjustment for quicker rotation

Dynamometric tension tool :
• Avoids having to exercise pressure on the tension tool
• Avoids blocking the pins

Lithium picking gun Réf. 5152.01
Lithium charger Réf. 5152.07
6-point screw wrench Réf. 5150.19
Plug spinner gun Réf. 5163
Light pressure dynamometriv tensile Réf. 5165
30 0,6 mm picking gun needles Réf. 5157.1
Rigid tension tail-piece Réf. 5290
Medium tension tail-piece Réf. 5288
Crank tension tool Réf. 5295
Crank tension tool Réf. 5296
Adjustable tension tool Réf. 5310
Lock lubricant 50 ml Réf. 5047.2
Lithium car charger Réf. 5156
Carrying case

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Weight 2,44 kg

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