Decoder Fichet M2I, M2B, M3B

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Decoder Fichet M2I, M2B, M3B

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• Special tool designed for precision-opening of French Fichet type M2I/M2B locks on safes and safety cabinets.
It works on upper and lower blades no matter what the wall thickness
• Separate decoder to determine the cutting angle on one of the blades
• Decoding of the cutting angle by palpation on the other blade
• Composed of 2 cutting angles
• Possibility to fasten one cutting angle or the other onto each pick
• Tool long enough to go through all of the wall thicknesses
• Opening by palpation/picking: no drilling required
• Opening possible even if the lock is equipped with fake notches
• Fast opening time
• Supplied in its own case

Obviously, use of this tool requires good knowledge of the lock and a certain amount of dexterity

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