M-Kimp 2-in-1 impressioning tool

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M-Kimp 2-in-1 impressioning tool


M-Kimp is a 2-in-1 impressioning tool. Not only does it include a handle but also a light box to see marks and to file the key inside. This avoids 2 separate devices.

– M-Handle is a tactical impressioning handle.

The chuck enables different thickness of keyblank from 1.5 mm to 5 mm

– M-light box enables to make impressioning easy and tactical. Thin brushes prevent light pollution. The LED’s light can be easily selected and saved among a choice of 8 colours. The battery autonomy is around 1h and can be rechargeable via USB

  • Clamping thickness 1.5 mm to 5 mm with Allen key supplied and attached to the tool
  • Ability to file the keyblank while looking through the lens
  • Choice of 8 different colours
  • Adjusting the light intensity
  • Macro lens with adjustable focus
  • Autonomy of approximately 1h
  • USB Recharging Micro B
  • Charge indicator


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