Automatic key kit for double-bitted locks

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Automatic key kit for double-bitted locks


Lock picking kit : Automatic key kit for double-bitted locks by Madelin-SA

• Allows opening and decoding of ± 50 models of European double-bitted building locks and some small safes or gun cabinets • Possibility to re-make a key after decoding the 2 combinations obtained

• 6 automatic keys to be assembled with the pieces according to one of the 38 assembly plans included in the kit (or according to your knowledge of the inside of the lock)
• Allows you to pick a half-turn with one key and the other half-turn with a second, without resetting
• Pressure adjustment on variable pieces

6 automatic keys
22 tension tools
1 measuring rod
1 decoding card
2 6-points keys
1 box of 50 long variable pieces
1 box of 40 small variable pieces
7 boxes of separators (shims) from 0.2 mm to 0.8 mm (30 per box)
1 box of 25 1 mm separators (shims)
1 box of 6 Nucleo pieces
1 box of 2 springs and 6 small steel balls
1 list of tension tools/double-bitted lock connections
38 assembly plans
1 empty storage box

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