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Profile-copying machine

Product reference :6400

7 750,00

Profile-copying machine. This machine is ideal for making key blanks of non-stocked keys or
keys that are no longer manufactured.


A key machine for professionals !

• Tooling of key blanks for flat keys and some dimple keys
• Very easy to use
• Key profile shape is automatically configured by an electric contact probe
• Time for measuring the profile to be replicated : between 2 and 7 mn
• Choice of key blank transmitted by the machine
• Time for cutting the new key blank : between 5 and 7 mn
• Simple design : a single vice for measuring the profile and cutting
• Compact machine 30 x 30 x 30 cm, weight : 23 kg
• Imbedded software in German or English
• Supplied with one cutter ; no key blanks supplied

This machine is available in 3 different models :

This machine can be delivered in 3 different versions:
• Machine only operating autonomously to only duplicate profiles Ref. 6400 (machine in version V9 +)
• Machine with PC software that allows you to store profiles already made and modify them Ref. 6400 (machine in version V9 +) + Ref. 6400.5 (software with special cable)
• Machine with photo software for PC to store the profiles already made, modify profiles and draw a profile from a digital photo of the cylinder key entry Ref. 6400 (machine in version V9 +) + Ref. 6401 (photo software with a special cable). Ref: 6401 is reserved for government services

Brass keyblank 2,0 mm (set of 10) Réf. 6402
Brass keyblank 2,3 mm (set of 10) Réf. 6403
Brass keyblank 2,5 mm (set of 10) Réf. 6404
Brass keyblank 2,7 mm (set of 10) Réf. 6405
Cutter Réf. 6406
Pick Réf. 6406.1
Nickel silver keyblank 2,3 mm (set of 10) Réf. 6409.23
Nickel silver keyblank 2,5 mm (set of 10) Réf. 6409.25
Nickel silver keyblank 2,7 mm (set of 10) Réf. 6409.27
Nickel silver keyblank 3,0 mm (set of 10) Réf. 6409.30
Nickel silver keyblank 3,1 mm (set of 10) Réf. 6409.31

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Weight 19 kg


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