Lithium electric picking gun

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Lithium electric picking gun


A lithium electric lock pick gun that comes with a whole kit. Please find below all the information you need on what is including in this kit.

• To pick standard and anti picking cylinders
• Rechargeable lithium 3,7 V 2,6 Ah batteries
• 20% extra battery life compared to other traditional batteries
• 10 min charge is enough for a 45 min uninterrupted use
• Faster blade strike
• New rocker arm with a bronze ring for better resistance
• New switch
• New tip design
• Delivered in its carrying case with a charger, lubricant for locks (50 ml), 10 blades and 4 tail-pieces

Lithium electric pick gun Réf. 5152.01
Lithium charger Réf. 5152.07
10 blades Réf. 5157.1
6-point screw Réf. 5150.19
Handle tail-piece Réf. 5295
Handle tail-piece Réf. 5296
Medium tension tail-piece Réf. 5288
Rigid tension tail-piece Réf. 5290
50 ml lubricant for locks Réf. 5047.2
Carrying case

Additional information

Weight 1.84 kg


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