Set of 12 2-in-1 picks

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Set of 12 2-in-1 picks


Set of picks : 12 2-in-1 picks by Madelin-SA

2-in-1 picks are for picking lever locks.

Many benefits :
• You can open a wider variety of locks than with traditional picks
• Reduced bulk
• Complete kit weight 1.6 kg
• Easy to use
• Opening between 1 and 4 minutes

12 2-in-1 picks, numbered from 1 to 12
6 shafts with Bakelite ball to screw onto the driving wheel or the gage’s wheel
2 gauges to help identify the lock
2 plastic tables to help identify the lock
1 magic pen to write on the tables
Carrying case

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Additional information

Weight 1,7 kg


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