Complete impressioning kit

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Complete impressioning kit


This kit contains all of the tools needed for on-the-spot or in-workshop impressioning

• To cut the tumbler lock keys
• To cut the wafer lock keys
• To cut lever tumbler lock keys
• To cut dimple keys
• To examine the imprints on the key
• To anchor the keys

Pliers for flat key imprints Réf. 5951
Pliers for standard imprints Réf. 5941
Magnifying head lens Réf. 5943
Maglite adaptor Réf. 8523
LED Maglite Réf. 8524
Selection of files Réf. 5979,5981,5984,5985,5988,5990
Portable vice Réf. 5968
Complete portable reamer Réf. 5965
Carrying case

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